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To give the most effective and efficient workout while maintaining correct form.

Creating workouts that burn calories by jolting your cardiovascular system. Then strengthening and lengthening your muscles to help better your everyday life!

Providing safe workouts for EVERYBODY with necessary modifications!

The Workouts:


DualCore Signature

FHIT + Pilates

Molding the best workouts! Functional Interval Training will build up your body with free weights. High Intensity Training (OR low impact) will jolt your cardiovascular system. While Reformer Pilates will strengthen and lengthen your entire body. Giving you a TOTAL body workout. ***HIIT Every Muscle and Get FHIT!***



Contemporary Pilates

50 minutes of contemporary and athletic Reformer Pilates. Utilizing the Balanced Body Allegro 2 Reformer, box, Pilates ball and weights. This is a great total body workout that is easy on your joints. You can do this workout every day!


FHIT and Jumpboard

Signature Workout + Jump

Get your sweat on with 20 min of DualCore signature Interval training (FHIT) followed by 30 minutes of reformer jumpboard. Reformer jumpboard is a fun way to keep your heart rate up that is easy on your joints! 

Come have some fun in this upbeat class and get FHIT!

Pilates Reformer

Athletic Foundations

Strengthen and Lengthen

This is a dynamic class that’s all levels, but good for beginners!

This course blends the core principles of Pilates with a focus on building strength and improving overall athletic performance. 


Experience a fun, challenging workout that supports your fitness journey and helps you achieve your goals. 



Stretch and Release

You will warm up your body for 5-10 min. Then you will go into deep stretching and self myofascial release for the remainder of the class.

Be a Badass with a Good Ass!



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