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Tara Heston

Tara is a fitness fanatic with a long history of fitness and sports. She has played basketball her entire life, and in the process developed many injuries which had made it painful to do many workouts. Being an active person and loving fitness, she couldn't live without a daily workout. That's when she found Pilates. Pilates truly saved her by not only making working out fun again but painless. Being passionate about Pilates and fitness, Tara gained her personal training certification through NASM. She went on to get her 500+ hour comprehensive Pilates certification through Club Pilates. Tara didn't stop there, she then became certified in TRX, Kettle Bells, Percussive Therapy, and Corrective Exercise Specialist.


Tara teaches fun and Athletic workouts. Having a list of injuries herself, she really focuses on form and providing modifications to make each individuals session safe and effective.

Why Create DualCore Fitness?

Tara has been in the industry for many years. She was looking to open a studio but was waiting for the right workout. Over the years she found that Functional Training, the use of free weights to better your daily movements, and High Intensity Interval Training was very effective and efficient in burning calories. Something that most people look for in a workout. The problem Tara found in large FIT OR HIIT training studios is that the workout was not done correctly. Some classes are also to large for instructors to properly take care of all their clients.

With her Pilates clients, she found the benefits of Pilates to be essential to their everyday life. The workout strengthened their entire body, the large global muscles and the small muscles that protect joints, strengthened their core to relieve back pain, and also corrected posture. BUT they weren't losing weight so they needed to purchase another studio membership at a FIT or HIIT studio. Tara wanted to solve these problems and create DualCore Fitness, where you can mold together FIT (functional interval training), HIIT (high intensity interval training) and Reformer Pilates. Tara doesn't recommend doing HIIT everyday, which is why she gives you the option to add in just Pilates sessions to your workout week! Pilates is something that can be done every day!


This is why DualCore Fitness is one of the best, most effective and most efficient workouts around!

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